Women are not diagnosed with drug addiction. Drug addiction is not correlated with normal race, income, level of education, or employment status. Why should women have a different or unique RENEW WELLNESS & RECOVERY Women’s Residential Treatment? Women and Addiction Treatment While unabated turn programs are centered on physical needs, emotional requirements, and spiritual needs of their clients, women respond well to treatment.

When they have the support of other women facing similar issues, men can overcome their addictions faster. Counseling is the most popular treatment for women who are trying to live sober. During the sessions, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Behavior Therapy, and other strategies are used. Behavior Therapy for Women Behavior Therapy is based upon the idea that if someone can change his or her behavior, it will also affect how they feel. Patients are challenged to change their behaviors in order to prevent the addictions that can lead to depression, anxiety and drug abuse.

The first step in behavior therapy is often to have patients do their usual activities for an extended period. They may write down how they felt when they were doing each of the activities. This data can be used by the therapist to help identify behaviors with a denial impact. Behavior therapy is strengthened by knowing what circumstances cause negative emotions.